A Greek Honored by Germans


The region of Dialekto in Trikala, Greece, is very proud of one of their citizens. Stergios Ntintis was honored for running a successful business for 40 consecutive years in the city of Bad Neustadt an der Saale, Germany

Ntintis and his family left Greece, deciding to move to Germany 40 years ago, in search of a better life. He was very determined to work and succeed and that’s exactly what he did.

After moving to Germany, Ntintis opened a restaurant by the name of”Acropolis,” and soon after it became a favorite place to dine among Germans, who enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine. Ntintis and his family are loved, appreciated, and respected by the people of the region.

In fact a few days ago, the local authorities, the Municipal Authority and the Regional Government held a ceremony to honor the family for their long and successful presence in the city, which is located near Nuremberg.


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