Greek Cultural Activities Promote Tourism

concert_The show entitled “The Other Side of Greece” traveled to London, Brussels, Paris and finally accommodated in Amsterdam.

The purpose of this event was to strengthen public relations, especially with the Dutch tourism market, as well as to recognize their contribution to the increase in tourist bookings for 2013.

Also, more than 550 guests gathered inside the venue Kerkzaal (an old church) creating a warm atmosphere of Dutch and Greeks who enjoyed an evening of music by Philippos Pliatsikas, Kostis Maraveyas, the Cretan lyre played by Georgia Dagaki, the vocalist of Nouvelle Vague, Lisette Alea and Dutch band “The Nits.”

According to Tourism Organization, the presence of the Greek tourism industry at the event in Amsterdam, confirmed that Greece won their hearts once again. During the show, many people reminisced of the places they have visited in Greece and agreed that Greece is definitely an attractive tourist destination with timeless values and cultural wealth.


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