GNTO in Scandinavia Facing Closure


The Greek National Tourism Organization has been around for more than half a century in Scandinavia. The Scandinavian tourism market is unquestionably considered as one of the greatest markets for Greece.

However, it seems that GNTO in Scandinavia is moving slowly but surely towards its closure.

There are numerous reasons that led the Scandinavian GNTO to its decline. First of all, its headquarters has moved in Stockholm five times in the last 20 years. This fact has deteriorated its ability to promote Greek tourism directly to Stockholm’s “heart.”  Another negative factor is that the Scandinavian GNTO has stopped publishing any touristic guide or informative brochure in Swedish language.

Another drawback is the continuous changes on the post of Managing Director within the last five years. That has caused instability for the GNTO, as many scheduled events were never realized. The excessive costs and its absence from Stockholm’s biggest tourism exhibition are also factors showing that the GNTO in Scandinavia is going to cease its function. As a matter of fact, GNTO’s presence in Scandinavia is considered by many unnecessary because of its bad management.


  1. All GNTO employees are relatives of Greek ministers and politicians who do not have any experience in tourism other then getting paid huge salaries and sitting on their bumssssssssss doing nothing…Corruption in tourism declined tourism…

  2. It’s full of inefficient GNTO offices around the globe. Not to talk about Consulates and Embassies: 95% of the people working there have/had some connection with the PASOK or the ND parties. I was told in Italy there are something like more than 10 Greek Consulates, plus the Embassy. Hello? 2 Consulates would be enough!