Oldest Greek-born Woman in Czech Republic Passes Away at 109

KarasovaThe oldest woman in the Czech Republic, Greek-born Evangelia Carasova passed away on Friday at the age of 109. She was hospitalized in the hospital of the city Krnov, in the northeast of the country. Her 78-year-old daughter, Polyxena Cadasova, said at the news agency CTK, “my mother was suffering from hypertension and she also had breathing problems.”

Evangelia Carasova was a member of the Greek community which settled in the Post-Communist Czechoslovakia during the period 1948-1949. According to sources, she spoke only her first language.

Evangelia Carasova lived in the village Divci Hrad since 1950, near the Polish borders and worked in agriculture. She was born in February 1904 at the village Prozvoro in the region of Grevena. She had three sons and two daughters.

Almost 12,000 Greeks were admitted to Czechoslovakia after fleeing the civil war in Greece at the end of the 40s. Now, the Hellenic Community of the Czech Republic has almost 3,500 active members, who live in the north-east country.