Munich Honors Neo-Nazi Victims

neo-naziA few days ago in Munich, a ceremony took place where the local authorities unveiled the memorial at the site where two immigrants were killed outside their shops. In attendance at the ceremony were the Munich Mayor Christian Ude, government officials and minority representatives in the state of Bavaria. The members of the Nationalist Socialist Underground (NSU)  terrorist group killed two immigrants, Kilic who was then 37 and the 41-year-old Boulgarides.

The aim of the ceremony was to restore the name of Boulgarides, whose name was tarnished until it was proven that his assassination was prompted by racists. “We are aghast and ashamed about the fact that for years these horrendous acts went unrecognized for what they were: inhuman murders. What we are saying is ‘Never again.’” This is written on the plaque commemorating Theodoros Boulgarides and Habil Kilic, who were killed by neo-Nazis.

According to sources, the investigations lasted many years and affected both families psychologically. Apostolos Mamalousis, a local priest said that according to German authorities the Boulgarides family was welcomed back to Munich. They are also taking measures in order to support the Turkish family as well.

According to the numbers, from 2000 to 2006 the members of NSU killed 10 people, 8 Turks, 1 Greek and 1 German policeman. Police arrested two men who ended up committing suicide, and the trial is now focused on a third member of the same group. As the German authorities mentioned, this is the first trial that involves Nazi in the post-1945 era.