German Author Andreas Deffners Writes About Greek “Filotimo”

Andreas DeffnerBy Aspasia Zontanou
Born  in 1974 in Reinbeck, Germany, Andreas Deffner fell in love with Greece and its people, after his first visit–which he went on as a highschool trip. Since then “kollise,” (in Greek means it stuck with him). He describes his first impressions in fluent Greek in a recent reading he held in Bonn and Düsseldorf. Back then he visited Tolo, a fisher village in Peloponnese and somehow became a member of  his friend Perikles family.

Andreas Deffner found his second home in Germany and travels to Greece whenever possible, writing down stories of the people he meets. Meanwhile the author published two books: “The Coffee Oracle from Hellas” (“Das Kaffeorakel von Hellas”), the second edition was released on November 15th 2013 and “Filitimo!”(
As he says in his own words: “I like to take walks in Greece and while I am walking I meet people, drink coffee or frappé and listen to their stories.” As a German in Greece he witnessed the crisis and had the impression the Greeks would turn against him because he was German, in fact it was quite the contrary.

In his second book “Filitomo!” he tries to explain what this typical Greek attitude is all about, because  there is no equivalent to translate it to in other languages. “Filotimo” is a virtue that means being good and kind to people who cross your path. Andreas found this attitude persisting despite the crisis that has struck Greek people so hard.


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