Former Greek PM George Papandreou Plants Tree in Gezi Park (video)

papandreou-plnat-treeOnly a few hours after the provocative statement of the PM of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan that “there is no country called Cyprus,” the Former PM of Greece George Papandreou was in Turkey participating in ecological actions.

These days Mr. Papandreou is in Istanbul for the meeting of the Socialist International. Today, he decided to visit the Gezi Park in order to plant a tree as “a symbol of the power of the citizens who can define the future with their own voice.”

He also stated that: “I think that the tree symbolizes the power of people all over the world to have a voice, to create a better future, to decide for their lives. This principle overcomes the boards of nations.”

It seemed as if he wasn’t informed about the statements of Tayyip Erdogan. He said that he works for the close relation between Greece and Turkey and is a friend of the neighboring country. “I will always agree with the idea that together we can imagine a new world. Democracy is always the idea in which we all participate. We have the right to raise our ideas and change the world together.”



  1. This man is a “Traitor”…He should be hanged in Constitution square in Athens…

  2. The tree being a symbol of the power of the people to have a voice in Turkey, the former PM should have planted a sour apple tree upside down.

  3. What a traitor. What was he doing in Turkey and in what capacity? Was he visiting his paymasters? Why do stupid Greeks still support this evil, vile man? Why has he not been jailed for treason? Is he even Greek?

  4. Most of Pasok’ former supporters moved on to another evil vile man…. commie Tsipiras. It makes me laugh when they now complain about Pasok…meanwhile they are the very ones that voted Papandreou into power!

    Leftist ideology essentially amounts to voting for whomever they think has the best shot of giving them money. As dad as that is, it gets far worse when they start using world pop lingo du jour like “multiculturalism” and “socialism”. They’ve even been brainwashed by Hollywood movies into confusing Hellenism with their leftist ideology. Greeks only in name not in the realm of ideas.

    In the diaspora most Greek leftists end up marrying non-Greeks and their mixed offstring end up with non-Greek identities (e.g. Jennifer Aniston, George Michael, etc.). Evolutionary dead end Greeks.

    Hellenism is a meaningless word to most leftists. They’re posers like the Skops. They care more about handouts and illegals than preserving anything actually Greek.

    The truth is ancient Greeks did not support illegal immigration and were downright hostile to uninvited foreign invaders. Alexander would have slaughtered anyone that claimed Macedonians were not Greeks.

    But if you read the “Greeks” on “Greek” Reporter… rarely a word condemning FYROM much less its apologists (including the modern British who inch-by-inch have become our enemies by colluding with Skopians). Heck nearly half the articles here are about non-Greek or complaining about any Greek that is hostile towards illegal immigration or those that support Skopians.

    One doesn’t have to go to the extreme of Golden Dawn but by the same token if we follow the extreme of the left there will be no Greece left in a hundred years. It will have been flooded with illegals. Eventually new language, new culture, new people new country name (as happened when Ottomans took over) “human rigthts’ groups are essentially a new type of ethnic cleansing. Just call an illegal trespassing “human rights’ and suddenly the invader is the “victim” and victim the perp.

    The solution to this problem is we have to weed out leftists from Hellenic institutions (not talking government. talking private organizations). Their ideology is simply incompatible with Hellenism.

  5. You nailed it the best I have seen on can’t stand the traitorous left. I live in Toronto, and if I say anything bad about georgie the half-Greek, most Greek Canadians want me hung. They hate any other Greek that is successful, and live for handouts.

    The British, Turks, skops etc are jealous of the rich history and culture. Even in the jaws of the Ottoman islamic caveman culture, we survived. No matter that we are messed up for it, but we survived. The brits and company hate that. They would not have endured, but we did, and their jealousy consumes them.

    The skops cannot seem to leave us alone. They think about us every waking hour because the prospect of finally having a history gives them hope.

    The left is the true threat to our nation.

  6. Agreed. The left is the exact poison that is dividing us (idiotically “proud” of their extreme anti nationalism) Even the ones that are pro-Hellenism are largely clueless to the fact some of their alleged foreign “comrades” are effectively trying to subtly ethnically delete Greeks (to cover up their shame for supporting Skopians).

    If you read Greek Reporter articles, you’ll see a good example of how our leftists operate. GR staff are obviously are getting many of their stories on Greeks by simply regurgitating stories they first read in prominent foreign leftist sources. (news, ngos, politician, etc..)

    In other words, whatever the narrative their alleged “comrades” tell them to think and say, our leftists will eventually repeat it. (eventually agreeing to their own ethic erasure to “fit in”.. which is exactly why to a man any “Greek” that calls Skopians “Macedonian” is a leftist)
    The former Yugoslavian ultra nationalists have done a good job spreading ethnic hatred of Greeks and pawning themselves of as the perpetual victims (an image the antics of GD has effectively helped them with). However, eventually the Yugoslavians lies will catch up with them (as ancient artifacts will never go away to suggest ancient Macedonians were slavs no matter what Greek hater ridiculously “recognizes” obvious propagandists as “ethnic macedonians”)

    Frankly, because of the betrayal of our former allies and treason of Greek left, Greece v3 is largely finished. We shouldn’t physically fight our leftists but we should no longer tie our future to them. (as our leftists are in the process of losing their connection to Hellenism)

    Given how unpopular Greece is today (in part because of its own economic mistakes) it will take years for the political weather to change. Until then if we want Hellenism to survive we will need a new Filiki Eteria to prepare for the day. No nonsense patriots but ones that have the common sense to also make allies with Phihellenes not only enemies.

  7. With like minds and Hellenic ingenuity, we will somehow prevail. They just havent pushed us to the brink where the no nonsense Greeks step into the fray. Real Hellenes with pride in their deep culture.