Demis Roussos: Being a Parent is a Full-Time Job

demis-roussosDemis Roussos talked about the French Secret Service, his daughter, and the drugs.

Demis Roussos has spoken several times about his personal life and during his interview with magazine “Ego,” he also mentioned his daughter’s drug issues. “One night a man from the French Secret Service came to inform me that my daughter was kept under surveillance; they suspected her use of drugs is due to her environment. I found myself in a panic. I brought her to Greece to stay with her grandmother, and she is now a healthy girl, active, creative, and a very talented director.”

Although the artist is divorced with his daughter’s mother, he tries to remain close to her and give her attention. The same goes for his son, whom he brought up alone. Demis Roussos stated, “being a parent is a full-time job.”