More Reactions to ERT Intervention

ert-eu reactionsThe police intervention at ERT caused the reaction of the European Parliamentary Group of the European United Left/ Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL).

“After the illegal closure of ERT, the Greek Government now used the Greek Police in order to complete its anti-democratic and anti-constitutional behavior,” stated the European MP Gabrielle Zimmer. She also added that “this attack against journalists and employees is an attack against the democracy and the freedom of Press.”

Gabrielle Zimmer asked Troika to put an end to the imposed measures. She also asked citizens to express their solidarity to journalists and workers of ERT. Gabrielle Zimmer noted that “we have to fight all together for the restoration of democracy in Greece.”


  1. Get stuffed leftist socialists and communists, there was nothing legal about you criminals breaking into a closed down public TV station and squatting in it.

  2. This crisis is caused by both Pasok and New Democracy hiring way too many people in government sectors for their votes and we the people are paying a heavy prices for the mismanagement of the country’s affairs…


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