More Greek Doctors Work in North Rhine-Westphalia

greek doctorsDuring the last year, the number of Greek trainee doctors and specialists who work at hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, was increased by 14 percent. In particular, the number of Greek doctors working in the most populous state of Germany went from 965 that were in November 2012 to 1,100 which is their number today.

“The migration of doctors should not endanger the health care services in the countries of origin. It must be done in partnership with relevant institutions and to be supported by integration advises and language lessons,” stressed the spokesperson of the Health Ministry of North Rhine-Westphalia during the 2nd meeting of the Medical Associations of Thessaloniki with those of North Rhine, Westphalia-Lippe which started on November 8th at Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki, Greece and will be completed on November 9th.

There are 385 hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia of which the 187 have 250-500 beds, 137 have less that 250 beds and 62 have more than 500 beds, stated the Greek orthopedist Georgios Godolias who works in Germany for the last 37 years and is now clinic director.

In the hospitals of North Rhine-Westphalia there are 24,561 serving doctors 3,080 managers and 7,153 trainee doctors. The vacancies are around 1,000. As noted by Godolias, the prerequisite for a doctor to work in Germany, except from having a medical degree, is the good knowledge and use of the German language (B2 level, acquired after 700-800 hours of instruction and passing an exam of medical terminology).

Finally, it is important to note, that from the foreign doctors working in Germany, the majority today are Greek, while in the past, most foreign doctors were German.