British Financial Times: Greece Turning into “Weimar Republic”

16608801_PHASMA_021113_XA_TRISAGIO6.limghandlerGreece’s regime is day by day transforming with a slow but steady rhythm, to the next “Weimar Republic” according to the British Financial Times, concerning Greece’s situation.

Aristides Hatzis, Associate Professor of University of Athens, in a detailed article in Financial Times, mentions that the current formation of the Greek Parliament is the worst in Greece’s modern history.

Neo-Nazis, right MPs that support paranoid theories of conspiracy, and populists constitute the amalgam of the Greek Parliament, writes Aristides Hatzis. At the same time, he added that the failure of the Greek government to manage  a series of matters effectively, causes an even bigger disappointment to Greek people.

In his article, the fact that basic reforms have either failed or have never been applied is criticized. Even the reforms which have been voted by the majority of the Greek Parliament are fragile and the ministers responsible for their application don’t have the political courage to suffer the political cost that their actions will have.

In the article, Aristides Hatzis also criticizes the stance of the opposition parties. They are irresponsible as their arguments are characterized by populism.

The present political situation causes disappointment and frustration to Greeks, leading the majority of them to depression. Under these circumstances, the phenomenon of fascism rises, underlines FT’s article.

The article also underlines, that Greek voters did not hesitate to vote in favor of a neo-Nazi party, (Golden Dawn) giving them the right to have a strong representation in the Greek Parliament. They voted for them even though they knew their violent nature and their illegitimate activities.


  1. Article sums it up. The Greek parliament-government is totally USELESS. CORRUPT TO THE BONE! Their past actions during 39 years of two political dynasties -PASOK and ND and all the political thugs involved milked the country dry and looted its wealth. Absolutely appalling to have destroyed such a beautiful country.
    The government needs to be either overthrown or handed to the EU-IMF to take responsibility and start fresh. Throw every GREEK POLITICAN all 300 members out and bring in NON-GREEKS TO RULE THE COUNTRY. This is the only way anything will ever get accomplished. The coalition government cannot implement anything effectively from what it has been asked.
    The LaGarde list and millions of other tax cheats are free to raom because the government turns a blind eye.
    Those military tanks need to start rolling down Athens square just like they did in 1967. DISGRACE !

  2. I don’t need to make any comments since everyone agree with me with what I have said before…I was right in all my assumptions regarding the state of affairs in Greece…Every comment posted in this website regarding Greece does speak the same way I do that the Greek government is CORRUPT, USELESS & WORTHLESS and the EU must take control of Greece’s economy…Greece will never prosper with the current politicians…

  3. With the US Federal Reserve’s QE monthly release of 85 billion USD flooding the market and inflating commodity prices the FT should rightfully be more concerned about the USA becoming a Weimar Republic. It is already is well on it’s way to becoming Nationalist Socialist under Herr Obama.

  4. REVOLUTION is coming to Greece SOON because of MORE Crimes and lies by this CORRUPT GOV’T of Thieves and Criminals!
    GET RID of PASOK & ND now!!!

  5. Let me remind you that October 28 was only a few days ago. Unless the EU now has become a invading army it would serve them to continue doing what they do best being pompous self-serving cowardly totally useless bureaucrats. The last three dictators to impose their will on the people of Greece either died in jail (Papadopoulos), killed themselves (a German Corporal) or died by the hands their own people (Il Duce).

  6. One step please to achieve true communism takes time. The US will soon be party to the iron rice bowl but first capitalism must be taken down and soon he will control one sixth of the US economy. Gradually the Americans are losing their most basic civil rights without so much as a whimper. Obama has sped up the transition of liberty to dependency.

  7. Whilst Greece moves backwards, the world moves/forward. So much respect lost for Greece.


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