Greece Will Support Albania’s Plan to Enter the EU

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi meets with  with the  President of Sudan Omar Al-BashirThe President of the Greek Republic–Karolos Papoulias–ended his two-day visit in Tirana and Gjirokastër assuring that Greece will support Albania’s plan to enter the European Union and saying that he will personally continue to fight so that there is “no cloud,  no shadow over Greek-Albanian relations.”

 At the ceremony during which Mr. Papoulias was declared an honorary citizen of Gjirokastër he spoke of the support Athens will show to Albania in her journey towards the EU, the role of the Greek minority in the country and the Greek soldiers who died fighting for peace in the Greek-Italian war.

“Greece will support Albania’s journey to Europe. We did in the past and will continue to do so in the future, for the good of the Albanian people, for the good of all of us” he said while referring to the Greeks of Albania congratulating them because as he said “they pioneered in all social races of the country, and they spiritually grafted Albania and continue to do so.”

Mayor of Gjirokastër–Flamur Bime–spoke warmly of Mr. Papoulias. He even raised the Greek flag along with the Albanian on the famous Castle, something that locals said hadn’t happened since 1940.  He also said that the Greek President  “is a precious and well-tested friend who broke Albania’s isolation and continues to assist in forging a friendship between the two countries.”

Mr. Papoulias made ​​a special reference to the fallen Greek soldiers in his speech in Gjirokastër. Among other things, he said that he was moved when he saw the crosses of the dead Greek soldiers, who died trying to overcome hatred and war so that peace could prevail.” Finally he said: “we are lucky to have survived and we have to fight for peace.”


  1. What are you talking about Epirus Is Albanian Greece should give us south Epirus janina or yanina was the capital of Albania. Albanian prince was known as Epirotarum prince George kastrioti Scanderbeg the Epirotarum prince, Albania was known as Epirus in middle ages by outsiders Epirus was never a Greek

  2. LOL!!!. George Kastriotis father was Greek and his mother was Serbian, so how is he an Albanian when he never ever spoke Albanian or even said his Albanian. He was born Greek Orthodox, spoke Greek, then became a Muslim and died a Roman Catholic…. Albanians have nothing to do with the Illyrians and are all Mongoliad race like Turks….

  3. Yay, corruption and mafia violence will soon be able to partake of the free movement of peoples inherent in EU membership! I can’t wait to get my complimentary cement shoes.

  4. @ Guest

    Karolos Papoulias (Albanian), born June 4, 1929 in Voština (renamed Pogoniani), Epir, is the current Albanian president of Greece. His ancestors changed the name and religion some 100 years ago.

    He is the son of Major General Gregorios Papoulias and grandson of SULEIMAN PAPULIA who is known being related to TAHIR PAPULIA, an Albanian dervenaga from 1821.

    His grandfather from his mother’s side was ZULFIKIAR, a wealthy Albanian landowner from Yanina.

    Papulias also maintains his friendship with fellow Cham-Albanian classmate Fuat Botsi (now a retired actor) residing in Fieri, Albania.

    Can you GUEST please provide us here that Papoulias Grandfather name is not “SULEIMAN PAPULIA”

  5. Fuat Botsis a famous Muslim Arvanit comedian born in Voshtina (now conveniently renamed to Pogoniani) talks about his friend, another famous Christian Arvanit from Voshtina, Karolos Papoulias who happens to be the current president of Greece.

    Papoulias is the son of Major General Gregorios Papoulias and grandson of Suleiman who is said to be related to Tahir Papulia, an Arvanite Cham dervenaga from 1821. It is believed that his grandfather from his mother’s side was named Zulfikiar, a wealthy Janiniote landowner. Papulias still maintains his friendship with fellow classmate Fuat Botsi. Enjoy!

    In 1987 Papoulias visit in Albania he requested to meet with his classmate Fuat Botsis.

    The video is on Albanian but you can see both man in pictures taken during Papulias visit in Albania.

  6. LOL!!! Bullshit…Karolos Papoulias was born in ‘Ioannia’ of Greek ancestry. FYI.. Albanians have nothing to do with the Illyrians and are all Mongoliad race like Turks….

  7. I dont see how it matters if he has albanian roots or not, why are you people so crazy about “ethnical purity” in the balkans? If you go back far enough noone is ethnically pure anyway. .

  8. The name Epirus is derived from the Greek: Ἤπειρος, Ḗpeiros(Doric: Ἄπειρος, Ápeiros), meaning “mainland” or terra firma

    There are many artifacts attesting to the fact ancient people of Epirus spoke Greek and self-identified as Greeks (including Alexander’s mother Olympia who was from Epirus). You are welcome to visit Greece to see the artifacts with your own two eyes… all written in Greek. If you claim that Epirus was always Albanian, you are effectively claiming Albanians are actually Greek.

  9. Have you already forgotten that Albania also changed city names from Turkish to Albanian? If you don’t like Greeks giving Greek names to their cities at least be morally be consistent and argue to give turkish names back to Ablanian cities. You can certainly return Albania to the Turks if you wish as well.

    You might also want to look into the ethnic roots of Muslims Chams… many of whom who we did not have an Albanian identity in the early 19th century. The Ottomans were great assimilators which modern Albanian state took a page from during its nation building stage. (precisely why some Albanians are Muslims and others Christians)

    You might also want to pay attention to the fact Papoulias doesn’t have only one great great great great great great grandfather. If you look along other family lines he’s got plenty of Greek heritage and his identity most certainly is Greek.

    In short, It’s Albanian sh-t desturbers like you (and Greek versions of you like Golden Dawn that end up causing hostility between our nations. Neither of our countries will be relevant for as long as we waste our time trying to annex each others countries rather than focusing on trade. We would be better aligned against bigger fish than fighting one another.

  10. Sure. Because northern Europeans don’t care about their identity… as WW2 showed.

    The modern British are beyond nationalism. We all love that black chinese queen Elisabeth. Clearly she, and the british citizens who pay her salary have no concern whatsoever for their identity and heritage. Pure humanists and pacifists….as their deportation of illegal migrants and nuclear arsenal shows.

  11. After the incorporation of southern Epirus into Greece, Chams had the right to choose between Greek and Turkish nationality, under the 4th provision of the Athens peace treaty.[45][46] It can be inferred that during the Interwar period the Muslim Cham community did not appear to have a clear-cut understanding of their national affiliation beyond their local religious affiliations.[1]

    Chams were in fact divided amongst themselves as to where their loyalties lay.[23] In the event, the Chams chose the Greek nationality instead of the Turkish. This convention gave special rights to religious minorities, but not to ethnic minorities, under the third provision.[47]

  12. Thank you President Papoulias. Σαγαπω απο Αλβανία, φιλέ μου!


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