Golden Dawn Supporters Invade University Of Madrid


A group of 15 people invaded the History department of Madrid University on Monday afternoon. They invaded the building, claiming that they are members of Golden Dawn. They had the Golden Dawn’s logo and other Nazi symbols.

“Your blood will keep the flame alive” was written on a banner that they carried.

The names of the two members of Golden Dawn that were killed on Friday in Neo Iraklio, George Fountoulis, Manolis Kapelonis were also written on the banner.

They broke anything that was in their way and ripped posters. Many students who tried to stop the far-right group were verbally abused.

The invaders, as the Spanish media and Euronews reported, caused damages and ripped posters. Many students tried to stop the far-right group but they were verbally abused. According to Europa Press and Euronews, a student who witnessed the incident, stated that the invaders were all dressed in black and rushed into the University’s Hall. Then they started kicking tables, pushing away students that were trying to stop them, ripping all the posters that were on the walls. They also said that they are members of Golden Dawn, and they were shouting in favor of Golden Dawn.

Later two pictures–one from inside the university and the other outside the university-–were uploaded on the blog Visible on the banner, were two pictures and the writing: “Vuestra sangre a viva la llama” (your blood will keep the flame alive) was the phrase written in Spanish on the banner. Written on the right and left side of the phrase, were the names of Manolis Kapelonis and George Fountoulis.


  1. A student protest is now an INVASION? Countless of these were probably done for Pavlos Fyssas at this very same university, only you did not write “INVASION”.

    This is what you call journalism? This is propaganda ripped from the Soviet playbook.

  2. Islam must be expelled from the West. Does no one know any history? Islam has from the time it left the Arabic Peninsula been an enemy of all that is not Islam. God bless the peoples of the Balkans and the defenders of the Gates.

  3. This is called journalism? A grammar school child could do much better… also, I wonder how the grammar school students are doing nowadays…