Van Rompuy: EU Tackles Illegal Migration

Herman-Van-Rompuy-001The President of the European Commission Herman Van Rompuy stated today, that the European Union will take strict measures in order to battle illegal migration. According to him, the EU could make better use of its resources to prevent migration. This could include more funding for the EU’s Frontex Border Agency.

During his speech at the summit, EU leaders said, that Europe has to strengthen its battle against human trafficking and carry out a new border surveillance system for the European Union. The deadly shipwrecks in the Mediterranean lead Europe to take strict measures for illegal migration.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said that illegal migration is an “acute problem” not only for his country, but also for the European countries, and he will do whatever is needed in order to find a solution. On Friday, Antonis Samaras will meet with the leaders of another eight countries including Italy, Spain and Malta. They will discuss about the measures needed in order to prevent the great number of illegal immigrants crossing the border into EU countries.


  1. Typically only when some foreigner talks about curbing illegal immigration do leftists use the word ILLEGAL in their reporting. The rest of the time they jumble them in as “immigrants”.

    Many of our leftists are unprincipled bandwagen jumping cowards. They just take the side of whomever they see as the majority (the collectivist mentality of confusing mob beliefs with ethics) Leftists are like Borg Drones. Whatever they believe the hive believe they will repeat. If the antiGreek bigots at leftist Amnesty International call mass illegal immigration inot Greece as simply “undocumented migrants’ they call them undocumented migrants. No sense of judgement. No sense of moderation.

    To put a leftist to sleep all one needs do is say the currently fashionable words like “human rights’, “multiculturalism”, “racism”, “minorities”. Like Pavlov’s dog, they have been conditioned to treat anything that subsequently exits their mouth next as commandments.

    In 1938 leftists lobbied for “peace in our time”. Because Hitler claimed we was only interested in protecting “oppressed German minorities” they were willing to sacrifice many countries. Or consider any Greeks that call Skopians “Macedonians”. To a man leftists. This is why ultra right wing Gruevski supporters late leftists in their own country but love love our leftists. They realize our leftists are fools and can be played against their own homeland (also see the treason of leftists during Greek civil war who fought not for Hellenism but for Slavic IMRO in an effort to detach Macedonia from Greece) Pseudo Greeks who prioritize their leftist ideology ahead of hellenism.


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