Tsaftaris on Agricultural Development at German-Greek Assembly

img-greece-04The Greek minister of Rural Development and Food, Athanasios Tsaftaris stated on Oct 23rd that “in today’s difficult time for Greece agriculture can and should constitute, as it did in the past, a pillar for the country’s development. The State and the local administration must cooperate and join forces with clear conditions and rules, without the irregularities of the past,” he stated in his speech at the 4th German-Greek Assembly that takes place in Nuremberg, Germany.

In his speech, the minister underlined that the Greek agriculture should invest in strengthening its strategic advantages, such as the excellent and diverse environment of Greece, the country’s tradition and culture, and above all the brand name “Greece” which still moves the world as a beacon of culture and beauty.

As Tsaftaris said, Europe with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) will help the Greek agriculture to achieve its goals, during the coming crucial Programming Period 2014-2020.

“The vision must be, for 2020, a productive Greek agriculture of quality products and goods, with an important role in the development of the Greek economy, that will ensure the food security in the country and strengthen the exports,” stressed the minister.