Greece Asks EU to Tackle Flow of Illegal Immigrants

immigrationGreece along with another eight European Union countries, take in the majority of illegal immigrants every year due to their geographical position. These countries now require the EU to undertake more effective initiatives in tackling the flow of undocumented migrants into their countries, according to amendments to the draft conclusions of an EU leaders’ summit that starts in Brussels on Thursday.

Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary will make a joint proposal on the issue of illegal immigration at the conclusion of the EU leaders’ summit that starts in Brussels on Thursday the 24th of October.

This is expected to be the first good news coming from Brussels after Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s efforts to make EU take a more active and supportive role in dealing with illegal immigration.

The eight countries mentioned above and Greece, mainly propose that EU create a task force which will propose more effective initiatives against the uncontrolled rise of the numbers of immigrants passing the European borders. In addition, the nine countries put further pressure on EU, to take the necessary steps for a closer and more fruitful cooperation between Frontex,  the European Union agency for external border security, with countries that mainly have to face migration flows.