Rehn: Things Still Difficult for Greek Citizens

rehnA few days after the postponing of the discussion for the Greek debt for “some moment in the next summer,” European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs, and the Euro and vice president of the European Commission Olli Rehn, spoke again about Greece during the presentation of the 5th report of Reichenbach’s Task Force for Greece.

“Though he have encouraging signs for the stabilization of the Greek economy and we expect return to positive growth in 2014, the situation remains very difficult for the Greek citizens, with a dramatically high number of unemployed,” Rehn stated.

According to the conclusions of the report, the works in the four major highways will start in the coming weeks. At the same time, an increase in the efficiency of the tax administration is noted as the number of controls of important taxpayers was doubled during the first seven months of 2013, in comparison with 2012 (164 against 66).

At the same time, a leading European Commission official stated in Athens that “Greece has recorded important progress regarding structural reforms”. However, he added that many things have to be done in order to use EU funds, to combat youth unemployment and to support long-term unemployed. “It will be a pity if the big sacrifices of the Greek citizens not to succeed,” he underlined.


  1. Yes, live is very hard for some of us Mr. Rehn…We don’t have money to eat, we become beggers in our country for no fault of our own…Our corrupt politicians caused this massive crisis and they should be jailed…

  2. If you cared about truth you would quit repeating this populist nonsense. Our prior governments certainly made mistakes but the poverty in Greece isn’t only due to a few government politicians. It’s also due to unionists that demanding more and more over the years. Its due to the many Greek citizens that cheated on their taxes or abused services. Its due to the Greeks that rant against business then want to have money. Its to due to the mountain of Greeks that shamelessly stick out their hand waiting for the government to fix everything for them.

    Not every Greeks is like this but I for one am sick of listening to all the excuse making whiners complaining about our government, the Trokia, Banks, Jews, Germans and anyone but themselves for their problems. Its pathetic.

    In fact, I think our current government is doing a great job given the difficult conditions its has to work with. Its being squeezed by the troika. Squeezed by communists . Squeezed by fascists. Given the extremeness of the alternatives the fact we even have a government and not engaged in civil war is remarkable in itself.

    What we need now is workers and innovators not more useless whiners with their thumbs in their -asses self righteously complaining how the government is to blame for their miserable lives. Doers not swindlers trying to talk someone else into fixing their lives.

  3. I don’t think you understand what you say…This crisis is caused by the politicians, they created this “corruptionocracy” status to spread by turning the blind eyes to what is happening in their corridors while giving the rights to the public sector to destroy our economy with their bureaucratic attitude…Our politicians have given the rights to unionists to demand more when they where promised jobs for votes after all who has given the right to the unionists to strike and cause mayhem??? Our corrupt politicians…