Nikola Gruevski: “Former Ottoman Province of Greece”

gruevsky1-630x286Nikola Gruevski, the Prime Minister of Skopje, caused trouble once again, expressing his annoyance at the name FYROM, making some verbal attacks against Greece.

During his speech to the members of his party, he called Greece “Former Ottoman Province of Greece,” in reaction to the name FYROM, which Greece uses for his country.

“We have one nation and one state with the name “Republic of Macedonia,” and our language is called “Macedonian,” he said. He also noted that he wants the two countries to find a solution “with mutual respect and without exclusions.”

According to the Greek newspaper Imerisia, he also said that the name “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” which Athens uses, is offensive for their country.

Until now, there is no official announcement from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A year ago, Hans van Baalen, a member of the European Parliament for the Netherlands, used the same term saying: “if Greece can’t use the name ‘Former Ottoman Province of Greece,’ then how you can make use of the name ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.’”


  1. A year ago, Hans van Baalen, a member of the European Parliament for the Netherlands, used the same term saying: “if Greece can’t use the name ‘Former Ottoman Province of Greece,’ then how you can make use of the name ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

    This guy is sick. Greece was invaded and calling Former Ottoman Province is total ridiculous. Greece belong to Greeks since millions of years. Van Baalen is racist like Hitler to jewish people.

  2. Well it is quite easy, there is no outstanding conflict over the name of greece, ie m its not like someone else is claiming to be greece and it is thus no reason to use this strange term. Especially strange as the name of Greece has been used for the sovereign nation pushing on 200 years (in addittion to that FYROM was a ottoman province way longer than greece)

  3. And that they try to use Macedonia as the name for their country is offensive the memory of the ancient Macedonians and all other Greeks through out time.

  4. Perhaps if everyone references the Netherlands as a former Province of the Franks, recognize the norther French as “ethnic Franks” as they produce maps of “United Franconia” — which included parts of the Neitherlands annexed — Hans van Baalen would understand.,

    Unfortunately much like many of FYROM’s apologists, he pretends he doesn’ notice Skopians changing into “ancient Macedonians” and irredentism to hide his embarrassment for recognizing these ultra nationalist propagandists. Another trend among FYROM’s apologists is they constantly give smug lectures about they claim as “human rights”– then collude with ultra nationalist extremists in FYROM not only trying to annex part of our country but even trying to take on our very identity. Meanwhile much of our own population (mostly far leftist rocket scientists) fantasize that our former allies care about Greeks.

  5. What makes me laugh is that FYROM agreed to that name until they find another name to suite is population of Albanians and Bulgarian/Slavs race.. It is offensive to Greece for another country to use the Greek name of Macedonia..

  6. ‘ Yet as far as I could see, the country – and I am determined to call it Macedonia – has a perfect right to exist. The population is overwhelmingly Macedonian, with a distinctive language, culture and history. It is poorer than some of the other old Yugoslav republics, but considerably richer than Albania. The people are civilised,
    friendly and highly educated. Even my tour guide had an MBA.

    It is always difficult to know how to answer the question: “What will you do to help us?” But on this occasion, I had the answer. From now on I will call our esteemed EU partner “the former Ottoman possession of Greece (Fopog).”

    – Future British Prime Minister David Cameron, The Guardian Newspaper, 2003

  7. The historical inaccuracies which are at the basis of his alarming train of thought in that statement (calling the slavs by the greek term macedonian) is frightening. . Unfortunately is this train of thought natural to the majority of the world population as there is a very small amount of people who are well read up on the subject and the conclusion for most people is “they call themselves macedonian -> they are macedonian -> alexander was their ancestor and greeks are stupid”. This must be combated and even though a compound name for fYROM is a travesty from am historical and righteous point of view, it is unfeasible to think they will ever have to drop macedonia completely as there is no suppport from the rest of the world in this matter and the compound name is at least a better alternative that hopefully will open some eyes to the historical truth and decrease the slavic imposed confusion on the subject.

  8. There was never an Ottoman province called ‘Greece’. But there was a Yugoslav federal republic called ‘Federal Republic of Macedonia’. Therefore it is correct to say FYROM. But it is not correct to say FOPOG because it never existed…. BUT it is also correct to say ‘Former Spanish Province of the Netherlands’ because it used to be Spanish.

    We can also say, ‘Former Greek Province of Southern FYROM’ because south FYROM used to be Hellenic under the name Upper Macedonia. However, most of FYROM was not part of Macedonia so we should call it ‘Former Southern Province of Serbia’, or ‘Former Western Province of Bulgaria’, or ‘Future Province of Albania’ (just kidding about FPOA).

    ps. Is this getting too silly?

  9. What a romantic theory from my friends from FOPOG the civility of Alexander The King Of Macedonia who by the way claim to be Macedonian and not greek, spoke different language than greek (used greek, many counties in Asia speak English or in Africa but they are not English) which by itself confirms none greek, almost all his generals spoke Macedonian and were Macedonians, but in his civility he allowed greek language to be used as common or so the greek historians claim. But also the same historians write what was said above and bellow. When he would address soldiers he would address them separate as Macedonians and Hellenes or greeks what ever you want to call them, The world writers and analogs of the history conclude that Macedonians and greeks were different. As to your claim about slavo bulgarians wishful thinking and only way to justify yourselves for stealing Macedonian history and identify yourself with the one who accomplish victory over you, but in his search for conquering the world let you be part of his Macedonian Kingdom because he needed extra soldier to conquer the Kingdom of Persia and allowed you to keep your culture. It was the same with the Persians after he conquered Persia he even took some of the customs (which by itself was strange for greek to accept enemies customs after defeating the enemy-hence on his quest to conquer Persians he invited greeks to help them to avenge themselves against Persians. But Macedonian generals were complaining why now is accepting the Persians custom with the words “now you want to became Persian”. Every province he overcome he allowed to people to join his army on his quest for more its natural since he needed more soldiers to overtake Persia. However his death of young age and unprepared opened the door of all this speculations.
    How ever the Macedonian population and their ancestors in mountains in Afghanistan speak best for the truth that they were never helleness or greeks but separate from them they were and are Macedonians by origin. I believe that speak by itself more than any other false greek history.

  10. You mean the same Alexander who was educated in greek by the famous Greek who said that barbarians were only good as slaves? That Alexander of the royal family with a long history of speaking Greek and claiming to be Greeks? The Alexander that spoke of barbarians and Hellenes and not of barbarians and Macedonians? Who gave Greek language to everyone, ie he MADE it the lingua franca, he could have made any language this. Same Alexander who felt of the people the persians called the Greeks with the shield hat, who thought the fortune teller spoke of him when she said an unnamed Greek would perform a certain act.

    The Macedonians brought Greece together and the Macedonians made it so all of Greece was homogenised with same dialect of Greek and everything not the Athebians or the Spartans. No matter what you think of the origin of the Macedonians it doesn’t matter as they themselves identified aa Greeks and strove for unity with Greece and this Macedonian initiated unity was keept for atleast 900 years before the slavs came. There was no difference between the Greeks then you met only Greeks and they fought you, you did not meet some seperate Macedonian people who was not Greek that is a fantasy and a ridiculous claim.

    There are findings of artifacts with Greek written on them from 1500 bc, which proves that the Greeks have been living there for over 3500 years now! You came as invanders and foriegners in 600 ad but the Greeks, from the macedonians in the north and the cretans in the south, have endured and will challenge your ridiculous attempt at solving your identity crisis by stealing Greek history!
    Go read that the international sources say about your people in the 19th century and then read what the leaders of Ilinden claimed thier ethnicity was and which country they wanted to join after they separated the area from the Turks.

  11. The gods may be silent, but the americans for one example were not silent before your lies:

    The Secretary of State to Certain Diplomatic and Consular Officers
    The following is for your information and general guidance, but not for any positive action at this time.
    The Department has noted with considerable apprehension increasing propaganda rumors and semi-official statements in favor of an autonomous Macedonia, emanating principally from Bulgaria, but also from Yugoslav Partisan and other sources, with the implication that Greek territory would be included in the projected state. This Government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian “Fatherland”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece.
    The approved policy of this Government is to oppose any revival of the Macedonian issue as related to Greece. The Greek section of Macedonia is largely inhabited by Greeks, and the Greek people are almost unanimously opposed to the creation of a Macedonian state. Allegations of serious Greek participation in any such agitation can be assumed to be false. This Government would regard as responsible any Government or group of Governments tolerating or encouraging menacing or aggressive acts of “Macedonian Forces” against Greece.
    The Department would appreciate any information pertinent to this subject which may come to your attention.

    Department of State
    U.S STATE DEPARTMENT Foreign Relations Vol. VIII Washington D.C. Circular Airgram (868.014/26 Dec. 1944)

    Neither were your own slavic brothers:

    But even stranger is the name Macedonians, which was imposed on us only 10 to 15 years ago by outsiders, and not as something by our own intellectuals… Yet the people in Macedonia know nothing of that ancient name, reintroduced today with a cunning aim on the one hand and a stupid one on the other. They know the older word: “Bugari”, although mispronounced: they have even adopted it as peculiarly theirs, inapplicable to other Bulgarians. You can find more about this in the introduction to the booklets I am sending you. They call their own Macedono-Bulgarian dialect the “Bugarski language”, while the rest of the Bulgarian dialects they refer to as the “Shopski language”.

    Kuzman Shapkarev, in a letter to Prof. Marin Drinov of May 25, 1888 (Makedonski pregled, IX, 2, 1934, p. 55; the original letter is kept in the Marin Drinov Museum in Sofia, and it is available for examination and study)

    Macedonia is Greece since 3500 years, the only ones occupying anything are you slavs holding a small part of original macedonia, but you know what? Keep it as a present but learn to embrace your slavic history, its the same as bulgarian basically and not as glorious as the Greek one, but hey at least its your own!

  12. Ummmmm he is insulting the country where his own father from so technically he is Greek!!! The reason why it’s called FYROM is because they are using the ancient history of Greece that Greece has been using and teaching through the centuries and the so called “Macedonia” only started using the history in the 1900’s!!! If they had that history first then they would be teaching it for centuries but that is not the case. There is no proof of their existence in Europe at the time of Alexander The Great but there has been many proof that the Greeks existed at the time of Alexander The Great!!! Kentriki Makedonia (Central Macedonia) is located in Northern Greece with Thessaloniki as it’s capital and it has been a part of Greece since the ancient times and FYROM has been denying that Northern Greece belonged to FYROM when it was and is and always will be a part of Greece!!! They had no right to steal Greek history so then they could fit in Europe!!! Their ancestors came from Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and Turkey!!!! They were never Macedonians!!! The true Macedonians lived in Greece (which was known as Ellada in the ancient times). The true Macedonia was a Greek region that was occupied by Greek Macedonians that worshipped the same Gods, believed in the same culture and attended the Greek Olympics and only the Greeks were aloud to attend to that. So much proof that Greece has with Macedonia but what does FYROM have!!!!? They only have the mouths of Politics!!!!

  13. Actually the reason why people couldn’t find Greece in history was because it was known as Ellada in the ancient times. Greece has one of the most famous ancient history and some of that was stolen by FYROM and altered. Greece has a lot of proof of their ancient history but FYROM only has the mouths of Politics to back up their information!!!

  14. They were in Asia Minor at the time of Alexander The Great and they came to the Greek Macedonia (The original Macedonia) 2000 years after the death of Alexander The Great!!

  15. Mike my dear Slavic friend!!! The FYROMians have no proof of ancient history!!!! But the Greeks do with the ancient Macedonia artifacts with Ancient Greek writing on it!!! The proof you have are the mouths of politics and that’s it!!!! For centuries Alexander The Great was known to be Greek but then in the 1900s you lot came along and started to deny our beloved Greek history!!! If you were the ancient Macedonians then you would be spoken of throughout the centuries but no!!! It was only in the 1900s when it started!!!! If you call yourself Macedonian then you are calling yourself a Greek because Greeks have meaning to the name Macedonia and the name Macedonia is in Greek so you are calling your country by a Greek word!!!!

  16. There was no existence of Republic of Macedonia before 1944!!! There was no existence of Slavic speaking Macedonians before 1944!!! Ancient artifacts are written in Ancient Greek then your pathetic Government decided to claim that the Ancient Greek language was not Greek but Macedonian!!! How more ridiculous can you get!!!!? You keep on making false claims and it is starting to make people see the truth that you are not Macedonians but Bulgarians/Serbians that lived in Darva which is your land today!!! Darva was a Serbian region during Yugoslavia so your Government is brainwashing you with these lies!!! The first President of FYROM even admitted that you so-called “Macedonians” are not descendants of Alexander The Great and the Ancient Macedonians!!!! You steal Greek history and Greece are fighting for it!!! Give up!!! No one believes your propaganda!!!!

  17. No I agree with Former Southern Province of Serbia (FSPOS) and Former Western Province of Bulgaria (FWPOB) but do not forget that only the southern part of FYROM belonged to Macedon so that part should be a region called Former Greek Region of Upper Macedonia (FGROUM)


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