Fire Beside Greek Church in Istanbul Kills One, Injures Two

maximos mansionOne person died and two were injured when a sudden fire broke out in a building which is attached to the Greek Church of Aya Nikola in Sarıyer, the northernmost district of Istanbul, Turkey.

The fire in the annex of the Greek Orthodox Church, located on Sait Halim Paşa Street in Yeniköy, broke out at around 10pm Thursday the 17th of October.

Many firefighters from all over the city and the suburbs of Istanbul immediately came to aid, frantically trying to avoid the fire spreading to other buildings.

Eighty-three-year old Pandeli Kayadelen lost his life in the fire, while Katina Kayadelen (78) and Maria Müller were injured and taken to İstinye State Hospital

Turkish Police are investigating the cause of the fire.


  1. The Greek Gov’t is FINISHED after Venizelos’ bogus Submarine deal gets out..

    READ Kathimerini New today– Ha, what a joke PASOK is..!

    “Submarine Deal takes toll on Unity of Coalition”
    Kathimerini News – , Friday October 18, 2013 (20:40)

    In a row that could cause a rift in the governing coalition, Deputy Prime
    Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Friday accused Defense Minister Dimitris
    Avramopoulos of failing to protect him during a parliamentary discussion
    Thursday on a controversial submarine deal signed in 2010 when the former was
    defense minister in a PASOK government.

    According to the deal, signed between the then Socialist government and Abu
    Dhabi Mar, the shipbuilding company would take over the shipyards and construct
    submarines there, but Skaramangas has remained idle due to a row over state

    The main leftist opposition SYRIZA party threatened to demand a parliamentary
    inquiry into the affair. Avramopoulos responded that the government was not
    worried about the prospect since it was not related to the case. An inquiry
    would need support from at least 120 deputies.

    PASOK sources say Venizelos, who is also PASOK chief, was irked by
    Avramopoulos’s stance as he had thoroughly briefed the conservative minister on
    the case ahead of the showdown with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras.

    A letter sent to Avramopoulos that was leaked to the press on Friday
    contained information that could allegedly be used to rebuff SYRIZA’s attacks.
    The same letter slammed Tsipras’s question as “vulgar, defamatory and

  2. Actually now that Golden Dawn is out of the way the current Greek government is far more likely to win the next election. Who are Golden Dawn’s former supporters going to vote for? The easily manipulated communist simpletons that run Syriza?

    I bet the Skopians who vote for rightwing Gruevski sure hope they are stupid enough to do so. If GD are patriots as they claim, they now have no other choice but to vote for Samarasw. (despite the fact they hate him as much as the communists do) Destroy a party than win votes from the party you just destroyed. How brilliant is that?

    Samaras is the smartest politician Greece has had in a long time. The very fact he ended up in power is remarkable (despite that past ND administrations are as responsible as Pasok for our debt disaster) Any Greek that doesn’t support him is choosing second rate buffoon instead. Samaras is not only a patriot but one that is smart enough to understand that protecting Greece doesn’t only involve behaving like a brute or waiting around for the government to give out handouts.