Eurimages Will Fund Two Greek Co-productions

eurimagesTwo Greek co-production films are among the 20 film projects that secured funding from Eurimages. This was settled in a meeting that is under way in Vilnius of Lithuania from October 14-18. Eurimages had to choose from 31 film projects of different productions.

Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Lobster” is the title of the first Greek film project that secured 460,000 euro and Chrisanthos Pannikos’ “The green line’s story” is the second one that secured 180,000 euro.

“Lobster’s script is written by Yorgos Lanthimos himself and by Euthimis Filpou. The movie will be filmed in Ireland, and is one of the five film projects that were approved unanimously by Eurimages. The Greek film project “Lobster” secured the third biggest funding, and is an international co-production with the participation of Greece, Ireland, G. Britain, France and Netherlands.

The related press release says: “Lobster” is a love story that unfolds in a future of dystopia, when all lonely men are arrested and kept in hotel, as it is determined by city’s law. There, they must find a compatible partner within 45 days; if they don’t, they will be transformed into an animal of their choice and sent to live in the woods. A man manages to escape from the hotel, reaches the forest where the Loners live, and decides to join them. However, during his stay in the forest, he falls in love with a woman, which is against the rules of this peculiar society.

“The green line’s story” script is written by Chrisanthos Pannikos himself and is a Greek-Cypriot co-production. The shooting will take place in Cyprus, and is going to be completed in two cycles. The story unfolds in Cyprus and focuses on the relationship between a Greek, a Cypriot, and a Turkish Cypriot soldier.


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