Greek London Film Festival Underway

festivalThe Greek London Film Festival, which is an international meeting point for contemporary Greek film, opened on Oct. 7 to the public to present films and scripts by contemporary Greek artists.

Among the films selected, there’s 10th Day which is a an anti-racist film directed by the well-known Vasilis Mazomenos. Speaking at Vana Lykomitrou stressed that the aim of the festival is to promote  Greek cinema, and films related to Greece.

He added that it’s important for two reasons. Firstly, because the films are shown in a global festival, thus showing the potential of the film; secondly because a large number of people from the film industry is located in London and therefore is not able to come into contact with the Greek movie projects.

Greek cinema is not a result of parthenogenesis which means that all previous decades were notable successes, not only by the alte Theodoros Angelopoulos but also from other filmmakers who had taken part in other international festivals and have won international awards. There was a period of introspection although the last five years there is a dynamic .

According to Mazomenos, 7th Art in Greece is perhaps the only point to be stepped on, to promote Greece in abroad. Due to recent events Greece has been maligned; however could take advantage of the international successes of Greek cinema, to be recognized in international level.


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