Balma City Paints Itself Greek

Couleurs-GrèceBalma city in South France is going to host celebrations named Colors of Greece next week. The event will feature plenty of activities such as Greek cuisine courses, exhibitions, traditional Greek dances, lectures etc. The cultural event is co-organized by Balma Municipality and the Horizons Grecs association, from Oct. 7-12.

The President of Horizons Grecs, Christos Zias, who talked to the Greek news agency AMNA, said that the celebrations include exhibitions with main object the Olympic Games and traditional costumes, seminar and performance of traditional dances, promotion of Greek products (oil, honey, aromatic herbs).

Greek-French MP Marietta Karamanli and author Vasilis Alexakis are going to take part in the event, while the Theodoros Angelopoulos film Ulysses’ Gaze is going to be screened as a part of the event.

Moreover, the workshops entitled All of You Know How to Speak Greek will reveal how many Greek words are being used by the French in their daily lives, and will highlight the importance of the Greek language.

The Horizons Grecs association, in which the Greeks of Toulouse participate, was founded in 2003 and among its activities is the teaching of the Greek language to the children of Diaspora Greeks, the promotion of the Greek culture.




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