Fake Greek Yogurt Wins German Palates

Greek yogurtGerman taste for Greek-style yogurt is growing – not for the genuine article made in Greece – but by copycats trying to cash in in the craze for the thick, creamy product that has been sweeping the U.S. too.

In the last three years, the turnover for the taste of Greek yogurt in the German market has been constantly increasing and taken a 5.5 percent share in the German market of natural yogurt. However, the Greek natural yogurt exports dropped in the last three years, as “Greek-style” yogurt is also made by dairy companies in Germany and other countries, but isn’t Greek and doesn’t taste like it.

In the first semester of 2013, the turnover for the white milk products rose by 3 percent in comparison with 2012 while the quantity of the sales dropped, by 1 percent same as in the last year.

This rise is due to the increase in the price of milk which reflects in the increased turnovers in the basic products categories, fresh milk, long-life milk, butter and cream.

For the Greek-style yogurt the turnover reached in 2012 the 37.6 million euros, making a 5.5 share in the natural yogurt market and 1.1 share in the market of yogurts with fruits.

According to the temporary data released by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), the exports of yogurts towards Germany were limited in 2012 in quantity and value.

The products of the Greek companies Kri-Kri, Fage and SHM Volos have an important presence in the German chain of stores. The main products available in the refrigerators of the German supermarkets are sheep yogurt with 6 percent fat and cow milk with 10 percent fat.