Tageszeitung:”Καληνύχτα, Neonazis!”


A large photo of handcuffed Nikolaos Michaloliakos dominates the front page of the German newspaper Tageszeitung, accompanied by the title : “Καληνύχτα, (Goodnight) neo-Nazis ! ”

The subtitle goes: “Goodnight Golden Dawn: Greek police arrests the leaders of the extreme far-right party Golden Dawn. They have been accused of intentional homicide and blackmail, four MP’s must perform their duties from prison.”

“Neo-Nazi in handcuffs. Some would like to see something similar in Germany, where NPD officials share almost the same stereotypes. However, this is not so simple.”

As highlighted in the article, despite the comparisons between Greek and German far right-wing parties, the following should be taken into account: the Greek police collaborated with the fascist party, turned a blind eye when members were committing serious crimes against migrants, and in the worst case scenario, they even participated in them. For a long time, justice had fallen into lethargy.

“In polls, Greek Nazis gathered on a nationwide level over 10 % of the votes. In Germany, by contrast, far right opponents are being isolated. However, this actually demonstrates the imperative need of a justice hit in Athens.”



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