Save a Greek Stray


The Greek animal welfare organization “Save a Greek Stray” traveled to Romania to protest against a change in the country’s legislation that provides the killing of stray animals in 14 days if they are not adopted in the meanwhile.

“At the government kennels we visited, we saw animals suffering from malnutrition, in some cages there was no water at all, many puppies were dying because of vitamin deficiency and, in general, there wasn’t a proper management of the animals that were stowed there,” Isabella Hilmar told Isabella went to Romania along with 30 other members of the organization. All the expenses of their trip to Romania were covered by Erietta Kourkoulou-Latsis.

The Greek animal lovers could not remain apathetic to the situation they encountered in Romania and, having followed all legal procedures, six dogs and two cats traveled with them back to Greece.

“This was a symbolic gesture that we will repeat, bringing more stray animals to our country, where, we shouldn’t forget, stray animals also face important problems,” Hilmar added.


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