Maria Ekmekçioğlu’s Greek &Turkish Recipes


The chef Maria Ekmekçioğlu has co-written a book that includes Greek and Turkish recipes, entitled Bir o yaka Bir bu yaka, which means This side The other side, and was released in April in Turkey.

Ekmekçioğlu, who is engaged in cooking from an early age, details in her book a total of 60 Greek recipes.

Gökçen Adar, her partner, is the co-author of the book, in which he presents an additional number of Turkish recipes.

Ekmekçioğlu said that the interest in the book is great; she added that, although the book was released in April, which is not considered a favorable month for a cookery book, the first edition is almost out of stock and the second one will be released after New Year’s Day.

The chef has appeared twice on TV, after the spectators’ request, while major Turkish newspapers, as Hürriyet and Milliyet, as well as gastronomical and other magazines, have published articles on the book.

Discussions on the book’s publication in Greek are in progress.

Ekmekçioğlu owns three restaurants, two in Istanbul and one in Alatsata, Izmir, with the name Maria’s Garden, which have made her known in gastronomic circles of Istanbul and received dithyrambic reviews.

“Cooking is relaxation, fun, joy, psychotherapy,” she pointed out. She admitted that in her restaurant’s kitchen there is no tranquility. “It is not an easy thing to command in the kitchen. I am a difficult person and I always want things to function to perfection,” she said.

Ekmekçioğlu is discussing the opening of a restaurant in Greece, while she is preparing a TV show that will have the character of a gastronomic travelogue that will be broadcasted by Mega Channel.

She intends to write a book about the history of her family, starting from 1713 in Pontus, as well as the sequel of Bir o yaka Bir bu yaka.