School Bell Rings Again in Imbros After 49 Years

school_imvrosNearly half a century later, on the morning of September 17, four children – three boys and a girl – with their schoolbags on their shoulders, crossed the entrance of the Imbros school, which was recently renovated and entered the classroom, giving life to the once silent building.

“Who would have thought about it…? And yet it is true! After 49 years, our school reopens at Saints Theodore,” the president of Imbros Union of Macedonia – Thrace, Paul Stamatidis. told ANA – MPA with apparent emotion.

The soul of the school, is its founder Koutsomalli Anna, who was born on the island, then moved to Athens and has now returned to give flesh and bones to a long-time dream of Imvrians around the world. A pioneer in this effort, which seems to have started with the best omens, is the director of the school Paraskevi (Voula) Berberi, who together with the Turkish teacher, that will as well hold the position of Deputy Director, will undertake to show the path of knowledge to these four young students – Dimitraki, Alexandra and two children of a family from Constantinople, who have just joined the school.

“Like any beginning, this is difficult. We start with four children. We hope that next year there will be more – interest has already been shown,” Stamatidis stated.


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