Handelssblatt Says Greeks Not Lazy

ellinesDespite statistics that show Greeks are at work more hours than Germans, or nearly as much in other surveys, the stereotype that Greeks are lazy is hard to shake, but now the German newspaper Handelssblatt is trying to dispel that with an article that shows the Greek economic crisis is making people work even harder.

It cited research that German employees are not more hardworking than Greeks. First on the list of the most hardworking Europeans are Romanians with an average of 41.2 hours per week.

The data from the Europe’s Research Institute, Eiro, place Germans fourth with an average of 40.5 hours per week.

The article concludes with the following ascertainment: “In Greece of the crisis, the employees are obviously more hardworking than their reputation wants them to be. With 40 hours per week, they are placed in the middle of the list and above the European average of 39.6 hours per week.”


  1. I wish to say this to people who still believe we the Greeks are lazy…There are 2 sides of the story, 1st side is the public sector in which the majority of civil servants are found in cafes, 2nd the private sector who works for long hours without getting paid what they deserve according to the Greek law…in Greece, private sector workers are punished by been sacked from their jobs if they complain to the Department of Employment about their working conditions…Greece have 2 tiers workers, 1st they civil servants who do concider themselves Gods and 2nd the private sector workers who are treated as slaves with no rights what so ever…