Zapatinas Designs at Frankfurt Motor Show

Zapatinas_592_355Chinese automakers could not be absent from the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

During the last decade, Chinese car makers have been trying to invade the European market. The efforts made so far have not been rewarded, and rightly so, however that doesn’t seem to bother them that much.

Within the framework of the International Auto Exhibition, Changan, one of the four largest automakers in China, presented its four models: Eado XT, small hybrid sedan Eado, crossover Z5 and original SUV S95.

And for Greeks this is something more than just encyclopedic knowledge. The reason is the famous Greek designer Alexandros Zapatinas, who happens to be the coordinator of the Design Department of the Chinese brand that is based in Turin, Italy.

In the past Zapatinas edited the design of several well-known models of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Subaru and several more.

The International Auto Exhibition is the world’s biggest auto show and will be open to the public from September 12-22. It features the latest releases and concept automobiles from Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti and many more.


  1. I’ve said all along for Greece to get the Chinese to build a couple of their factories in Piraeus. It is on the shipping lanes so parts could be imported and cars exported. The Chinese plant would be a EU factory so they could now sell more freely to the EU. This would also boost small and medium factories in Greece to manufacture parts too. Seems win-win to me.


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