Hurriyet: “Kali arhi” for Imvros School

hurriyet.jpgImpressive is the title of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet on the imminent reopening of the Greek primary school on the island of Imvros.

Hürriyet’s headline “Kali Arhi” in Greek, is translated into the equivalent Turkish expression.

The Turkish newspaper writes that September 16, which is the official opening school day, will be a historic moment for Imvros. An elementary school for the Greek minority on the island of Gökçeada (Imvros in Greek) will reopen after 49 years, but with two students only.

The school’s inauguration will be conducted by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Turkish authorities banned both the teaching of the Greek language and the operation of the Greek school with an arbitrary decision in 1964, which violated the Treaty of Lausanne. This very decision had then forced hundreds of Greeks of the island to abandon their lands so as their children could either go to Istanbul or Greece to learn the Greek language.

However, the Hagia Todori Elementary School is now reopening after Turkey’s Education Ministry accepted on March 28 the demand to open a school for the Greek minority.