Turks Lure Russians to Greece

100913122746_6545A grand entrance in the Greek tourism industry has been attempted by two Turkish-interest Russian Tour Operators, Pegas Touristik and TezTours, who have decided to open tourist offices in Crete.

These leading tour operators, part of Turkish business groups, had predicted the blooming of Russian tourism. It is no coincidence that in recent years, four million Russian tourists have been visiting Turkey each year, taking advantage of the non- visa requirements as well as the economic vacation that the neighbor country has been offering.

This year, the arrival of Russian tourists that visited Greece – in the aftermath of Egypt – seems immensely high for Greek standards, since even within the first days of September, 10,000 visas are being distributed every day on average by the Greek consulate in Moscow.

This year’s Russian tourists in Greece, who after the events in Egypt are expected to exceed 1.2 million, have drawn the Turkish attention to Crete while according to reports, talks on the Greek island of Rhodes are also underway.


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