Greek Migration to UK Increased by 44%

vretaniaThe financial crisis that the Eurozone is facing has led tens of thousands of people to migrate seeking a better fortune than the one their own country has in store for them.

After Germany, Britain is a refuge for the unemployed  who are accumulating in the countries experiencing the crisis.

According to data published by the British Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the countries that have been mostly affected by the crisis, Greece, Spain and Portugal, are first on  the list of euro-migration.

Greeks that migrated during the last financial year in Britain have reached the number of 8,680  increasing the percentage by 44 percent.

The situation is the same as far as the other countries of southern Europe are concerned.

Spanish euro-migrants have increased by 50 percent (45,000 individuals), Portuguese by 43 percent (24,500) and Italians by 35 percent (32,800).

On the contrary, migrants from Bulgaria have decreased by 17 percent, from Romania by 22 percent and from France by 2 percent.


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