First Free Greek Orthodox School in the UK

_69499505_greek-orthodox The first Greek Orthodox secondary school in England is about to open next week in North London.

The school is the St. Andrew the Apostle School in Barnet and as the BBC reports, it will teach students from 11 to 19 years old, beginning this term with an initial Year 7 intake. Alongside the mainstream curriculum, the school includes classes of Greek, Latin and Classics.

It will open as part of the free school initiative, in which state schools are set up by parents or other providers. Half of the school’s student’s will be of Greek Orthodox descent, while their remaining positions will be available for other students.

The school will have an ethos influenced by the Greek Orthodox Church and its purpose is to serve families in the Greek community in north London. The word “ethos” is a Greek word meaning “character.”

According to the BBC, this will be one of more than 100 free schools scheduled to open this academic year. But they have remained controversial, particularly with the teachers’ unions.



  1. Very nice, but does it have within it’s curriculum a place for the teaching of Evolution. You see a lot of us Orthodox Christians believe that God created the Earth through evolution, and then described it’s creation through a parable, due to the early people’s mentality. In other words if Evolution had been described to an 11th century man he wouldn’t have understood it, and probably would have accused the teacher of witchcraft. So, as it says in the Bible…. One day is as a thousand years to God, and a thousand years as one day. So, since time means very little to Him, we need to stop thinking of His creation in that way.


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