Danone Goes After Chobani

D7BB25A283E0F101C057A713E3B50075Chobani, a company started in New York state by Turkish-American businessman Hamdi Ulukaya, which has in a few years gained the biggest niche of sales of Greek yogurt in the U.S. will face a challenge from the brand Oikos, which is made by a French company Danone that is setting its sights on gaining a bigger market share.

Fage, a Greek company which introduced real Greek yogurt in the U.S. has fallen by the wayside after failing to aggressively market its product, leaving the playing field to foreign competitors.

Danone has hired Greek-American actor John Stamos to try to sell itself as Greek in origin and push Oikos. Danone said marketing has helped its share of the fast-rising Greek yogurt market in the U.S. jump by 165 percent in a year while Chobani has gone up only 20 percent after a meteoric rise.

Danone Oikos , according to the Bloomberg news agency, is trying out innovations to attract customers while Chobani is relying on its alread-established line that includes a mix of fruits and other food stuffs with Greek-style yogurt. such as black chocolate and orange zest but is planning to reduce its prices which are about twice as high as othes.

Danone said it will try to go after Chobani in other ways, such as selling its yogurt in Starbuck’s and other chains.


  1. I love the fruit/yoghurt from Fage. I eat it every day as do my friends. Yet despite a huge fan base my local supermarket (owned by a Greek Family) understock the shelves meaning that Fage is GONE within hours of the delivery. The stocking clerks can’t figure it out. Fage outsells Chobani and OIkos by miles but don’t pay for enough shelf space , Terrible marketing. I just hope that they rev things up and stay viable. If it doesn’t its it’s own damn fault.


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