Berisha Intervenes Over Permet

629F78D12220CC958D91C3928D24C414Outgoing Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha blasted Greek authorities who complained that a Greek Orthodox Church in Permet was being seized and vandalized, with the Premier saying the criticism “is an unacceptable and irrational interference in Albania’s internal affairs.”

He said that, “Albania has all the capabilities and the legal means to guarantee the rule of law, the smooth functioning of the institutions of the country and abroad as well as to give an answer to all the offenders of the law and to any kind of challenges”.

But he also said that, “The scenes of looting of sacred objects from the private agency of handling of judgments, which has taken 11 years ago, reminded to the Albanians scenes of barbaric Hoxha era against religious institutions.” He said that the incident “constitutes a heavy insult for all orthodox and all Albanian faithful”.

Berisha also criticized the actions of some people and priests in Përmet and said there should be dialogue. He urged the Chairman of the country’s Religions Committee to “conduct the necessary investigations and to make the appropriate proposals for a final solution out of every abuse and condemnable atheistic practice”.


  1. Skendebeg was a Greek in origin who joined the Turkish Ottoman military and then fought against it. His family name was Kastrioti. He was an Orthodox Christian and the coat of arms on the Albanian flag are the twin headed eagle an Orthodox Christian symbol. Yet the majority of Albanian people disrespect the Orthodox Christians of Albanian and destroy their churches. Get your facts right.


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