Albania Seizes Orthodox Church

premeti_560_420Tension still prevails in Përmet in Albania, where hundreds of Orthodox residents of the town came into conflict with the forces of private police that were lined up outside the Church of Virgin Mary.

The church was taken over in a violent way some days before following the orders of the municipal authorities.

Photos of the scene showed crews building a brick wall at the entrance to prevent people from using the church as well as using sheet metal around columns.

The municipality sent private police to the church in order to implement a Supreme Court decision concerning the returning of the church building to the municipal authorities who maintain that the place belongs to them and that it is a cultural center.

However, according to the Orthodox Church of Albania, and as it is widely known, the building was confiscated by the Communist regime in 1968 an was turned a cultural center as were hundreds of other churches in the country.

Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, talking about the incidents of Aug. 16, spoke of “a very sad incident” and reminded, among others, the agreement of 2010 between the government and the religious communities in the country for returning to them all the religious institutions.


  1. What has happened in Permet is typical of a land that is more Turkish in origin than Albanian. As has been the running story in the Balkans with Albanians, stealing from everyone. From Serbia, from Greece, from FYROM. In fact from all its neighbours. It is surprising how a land that supported the NAZI regime in WWII, now sits at the same table of the US and Britain. While their allies of Serbia and Greece who fought in the name of freedom and to destroy tyranny are closed out of the room. We know that the only reason the majority of Albanians get away with this is because they are the hit men of the US and their freinds in their own interests. They only do dirty work and will continue to do so. In a free democracy every one has a right to worship what they want without prejudice. What they did in Permet shows how the Muslim community hates the Christian community. The Christian community will not do this to them. But if they did, they will be screaming blue murder. It really shows that they really live up to their name as the thieves and gangsters of the Balkans. A true believer of Islam would not steal, or commit blamsphimous acts. Which the people of Permet did to their own Christians of Permet. Read the Koran and understand the real message of Mohammed.


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