Greece Mulls Opening Makaza Crossing

photo_verybig_152927Greece will decide on Aug. 19 whether to open a new border crossing point on the Bulgarian-Greek border known as Makaza which connects the cities of Komotini and Alexandroupoli in Thrace, Greece, with Haskovo and Kardzhali in Bulgaria.

The Mazaka crossing will be part of the cross-European Corridor #9 which connects Greece to Finland and Russia.

The advantages of this new border crossing with Bulgaria will be obvious as far as tourism is concerned, while it is expected that traffic at the other border crossing points on the Bulgarian-Greek border will be reduced.

There has been a delay because Greece wants only personal vehicles and buses to use the crossing while Bulgaria claims that the border should be open for bigger vehicles up to five tons as well. Bulgaria gave the go-ahead on Aug. 14 to open its side.