Millions of People Worshipped Saint Andrew’s Cross

Ag.-AndreasOn August 2 the Cross of the martyrdom of St. Andrew the Apostle returns to Patras, after twenty days it was transferred to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The Cross, which was worshiped by more than a million people in all three countries, will start the return journey transferred by the Government aircraft of Russia and in accordance with the plan prepared by the Diocese of Patras. At about 4 p.m., the plane is expected to land in Araxos.

The transfer to Patras, to the church of St. Andrew, patron of the Achaean capital will be made in a military vehicle.

The Cross was transferred  for the first time abroad on July 11 at the request of the Russian Orthodox Church, with the assistance of the Foundation “St. Andrew the First Called” which had undertaken all the procedural details.

The transfer of the Cross to the three countries was part of the celebrations for the 1,025 years of the baptism of Ros in the Dnieper River.

Apart from the hundreds of thousands of worshipers who formed endless queues outside the churches, the Cross was worshiped by the Presidents of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and there were three patriarch Archdiocese rituals involving Patriarchs, Archbishops and representatives of Churches who responded to the call of the Russian Church.

In Minsk where the Cross remained the last day, the Temple remained open 24 hours to all worshipers, who according to the Greek delegation from Patras, had to wait for more than ten hours.