Cypriot Scientist Produces Electricity from Urine

ieropoulos_607_421_577_324The Cypriot Professor of Bristol Robotics Laboratory, Ioannis Ieropoulos, who is popular within the British community for his radical studies, presented a device that produces electricity using human urine as a fuel.

The Cypriot scientist explained to the newspaper Fileleftheros that the basic operating mechanism lies in the metabolism of microorganisms, which through anaerobic respiration, alter substances, such as urine, sewage water and food residues into electrons, which generate electricity passing through electrodes.

Using his device, he managed to charge a mobile phone.

“We have been able so far to produce enough energy to send messages, to browse the web and to make a short phone call,” he said.

Ieropoulos and his team are working to develop and improve the process, as there are restrictions regarding the thermodynamic efficiency of the cells, suggesting that the smaller cells have higher efficiency in comparison to the larger cells. For this reason, the effort focuses on making the cells as small as possible, so that they can join many more together.

Except for urine, the Cypriot professor has tried the same method with rotten fruit, shrimp shells, insects, green grass, waste water and sewage water.


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