Greek Mosaic Comes to Light in Calabria

15741971_psifidoto.limghandlerIn Calabria, southern Italy, archaeology students while excavating came across the largest Greek mosaic, dating between 320 and 150 B.C. that depicts dragons and dolphins. The mosaic from Magna Grecia has been unearthed in Monasterace Marina, ancient Kaulonia.

It is an important pre-Christian artifact of Greek origin and the largest ever Hellenic mosaic of Magna Grecia measuring about 30 square meters. The finding adds to a discovery made last year of another mosaic depicting a dragon, dolphin, rosette and six panels with floral motifs.

According to Ancient Origins, Archaeologist Francesco Cuteri said that the work is ongoing and more discoveries are expected to be made. “We are confident….we can find at least two other panels,” he said, while adding that the new area has been dubbed ‘the hall of dragons and dolphins.’

Great Greece is the name of the coastal areas of Southern Italy on the Tarentine Gulf that were extensively colonized by Greek settlers. The colonists brought with them their Hellenic civilization that has undoubtedly left a lasting imprint on Italy and particularly on the culture of ancient Rome.


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