Müller: IMF Destroyed Greece to Sell Out its Deposits

Mr-Dax-Ntirk-MiulerGerman financier Dirk Müller, also writer of the book Showdown, in his interview to the Ιnternet version of Focus magazine, supports that the USA caused the crisis in Europe in order to halt the increasing influence of the euro compared to the dollar.

About Greece, he thinks it would be better if the country had its own currency or if it could take advantage of its gas fields. As he said, “In the Greek subsoil there are the biggest reserves in Europe,” while he stressed that the IMF’s goal was to destroy the Greek economy so that the Greek deposits would be sold for nothing to multinational companies.
The book contains an extensive reference to the Greek natural gas deposits, in a separate chapter entitled, Greeks and the Gas. Müller notes, “What would you say if I suggested Greece sell petrol and natural gas?”  “Greece does not only have oil and natural gas in its subsoil, but also a number of important minerals,” he continued.

“Someone can justifiably argue that Greece affords one of the biggest reserves of raw materials in Europe. I got the final confirmation on the matter at the end of the summer of 2012 during a heated discussion with Dora Bakoyannis, who assured me that Greece affords reserves equivalent to those of Libya. And, at least now, the question inevitably arises: What game is being played here?”

Regarding the role of the IMF, the German financier said, “The role of the International Monetary Fund is to bring about the collapse of the Greek economy, to blame the Greek government that it did not apply exactly the stabilization program and to force them to deliver the ore exploitation to multinational companies for a meager price,” he stressed.

Müller estimates that the consolidation programs applied to countries in crisis are ineffective. “The austerity programs are paranoiac,” he stated and added that the result is an economy similar to that of Chancellor Bruning. “The states are severely depleted and the Greek economy is sinking without end.”


  1. Sounds like he is addressing a poor African nation that is about to be pounced upon and robbed of all their natural resources !!!!

  2. IMF deal was fishy as the Hellenic Stats pointed out. The IMF Bailout was not needed because the German member of the EU raised the deficit by 2 points to trigger the IMF “bailout”.

  3. No, he is addressing the facts about a poor Greek nation that is about to be pounced on and robbed of all their natural resources, which is worse