Six Deputies of Greek Descent in Albanian Parliament

alv vouliA total of six deputies of Greek descent are participating in the new Parliament of Albania. They all belong to different political parties, which cooperate as governmental partners in the framework of the new Albanian government.

Edi Rama (PS) has become the Prime Minister of Albania and Ilir Meta (LSI) the President of the Parliament of Albania.

The deputies of Greek descent are: Vangelis Dules, President of the KAED party, who was elected in the Vlorë Region, Vangelis Tavos, former Vice President of the Albanian Parliament and former Health Minister, who was elected in the Gjirokastra region with LSI.

Andreas Martos, President of the Organization of the Greek minority in Albania, Omonia, in Tirana, who despite being   elected with the Socialist Party in the Vlorë Region, left open the possibility of entering KAED.

Anastasis Angelis, former Finance Minister in the Fatos Nano government, who was elected in the Gjirokastra region with the Socialist Party, the distinguished criminologist Vassiliki Yssi, who was elected with the Socialist Party in the Tirana region and the renowned actor Luisa Tzouvanni, who was elected with the Socialist Party in the Vlorë Region.


  1. 6 Greeks in the Albanian parliament??? What a laugh you Greeks are. You are going down the drain and yet you think you still have strings to pull. Marvellous. You keep dreaming Hell-ass. From these assumptions Obama is Greek, Einstein was a Greek, Van Gough was a Greek, and anyone else that has strategic interest for you is a Greek. Unlucky for you Greeks the next generation of Albanians is being educated in the U.S and UK. Greece will be history in 150 years.

  2. Greeks!!! What a joke. You are calling them “Greeks”. I call them liars and opportunists’. I assure you that they are not Greeks. Their names are Vangjel Dule not Vangelis Dules, Vangjel Tavo not Vangelis Tavos, Andrea Marto not Andreas Martos, Anastas Angjeli not Anastasis Angelis, Vsilika Hysi not Vassiliki YssiAnd last actor Luiza xhuvani not Luisa Tzouvanni.

    This people are not Greeks at all. They claim to be and some of them were found to use false information in order to be “Greeks”. Get accurate information before you write next time and do not change their names in order to sound Greek

  3. I wonder what the percentage of those of Albanian descent in senior positions of office in Greece would have been had the Chams not been forcefully expelled from their lands. Fortunately, the Albanians are more respectful of their minorities and they allow them to thrive instead of oppressing them, their hands are clean.

  4. Hello this web site administrator, but also your opinion about a million Albanians who are learning the Greek language and Greek language speakers, after a decade these will be called “Greek”?

    This road has followed the Greek theory, and this continues to pursue yet.

    So, in practice and DNA, the Greeks of today are not those of describing ancient history.


  5. well…6 deputies representing Greek minority in Albania?
    I hope the issue of human rights for “vorios Epiros” is over..LOL.
    They cant say that have no rights.

  6. GREEKS IN ALBANIA ARE 0.5 % ,EXPECT THOSE ALBANIAN WHO SWITCH THEIR NATIONALITY FOR BENEFITS LIKE BOLLANO.They are voted by albanians not greeks,but do not forget the 5 cham deputies.Tavo is a vlach with origin,angjeli is half albanian half greek.It is only interest if they declare their self greeks.


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