Nikos Kazantzakis in Croatian

kazantzakisIvan Sršen, founder and editor of Sandorf Publishing, along with Slavko Amulić, Doctor of Philosophy, decided to translate selected works of the great Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis.

Sandorf’s new release is the Croatian translation of Kazantzakis’ book Ascesis: The Saviors of God (Asketiki: Salvatores dei) by Irena Gavranović Lukšić published in 2011.

Kazantzakis’ books Freedom and Death (Captain Michalis), Christ Recrucified, Adelfofades, Report to Greco and The Odyssey will be translated next.

Sršen participated in the Thessaloniki Book Fair on May 25, 2012 to present Sandorf Publishing works, among which was the major project of translating Kazantzakis’ selected works directly from Greek.

The event focused on the importance of the author and his work, including a short presentation of Sandorf’s new release Asketiki: Salvatores Dei.

Koraljka Crnković, Professor of Classic and Modern Greek Language at the Private Classical Gymnasium in Zagreb, and Translator and Court Interpreter of Greek and Latin Language at County Court – Commercial Court of Zagreb, will translate some of Kazantzakis’ works.

Sandorf is a literary agency for worldwide representation of Balkan writers, founded in 2007 in Zagreb. It is the first professional literary agency for representing authors abroad in the region. Therefore its founders carry great professional responsibility to create a positive atmosphere for writers from all Balkan countries so that they gain a worldwide audience.


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