Greeks Biggest Visitors To FYROM

fyromWhile political differences remain between Greece and FYROM, particularly over what name to recognize the former Yugoslav Republic, Greeks are the most important sector of tourists to the neighboring country, according to the Statistical Office of Macedonia.

There were 5,019 Greeks who went to FYROM in March, compared to 2,615 from Serbia and 2,578 from Turkey, showing how important Greece is as a tourist base for its neighbor.

The percentage of Greek tourists out of the total of foreign tourists in FYROM in March was amounted to 22%, while their overnight accommodations amounted to 20.7% out of the total.

The number of tourists (foreign and domestic) in FYROM in March increased by 7% in comparison to March 2012 and reached 34,495,  while the overnight accommodations increased by 10.2% and amounted to 73,241.

The arrivals of foreign tourists in FYROM in March was up 18.4% compared to the same month last year while the overnight accommodations went up by 22.6%. The arrivals of domestic tourists during the same period were reduced by 8.8% and overnight stays by 4.5%.

During the period January-May 2013, the number of tourists in FYROM increased by 2.8% in comparison to the same three-month period of 2012, while the overnight accommodations increased by 4.3 %.