Acropolis Museum World’s 3d Best

index11The British newspaper The Sunday Times places the Acropolis Museum third in a list of the best 50 museums of the world, despite some criticism when it opened about its cement facade.

“The Acropolis Museum, a shiny new home for the host of the most important legacies of classical civilization, is located on the ancient road that leads to the Holy Rock, on which the majestic Parthenon rises above Athens. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive every year to watch the cultural wonders of a glorious past, which stand flooded with natural light, having the admirable view of the original temple as its evocative background,” the paper reported.

Topping the list is the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington and second is the British Museum in London, which houses the stolen Parthenon Marbles that officials refuse to return to Greece. The Acropolis Museum was built especially to show them if they are ever returned, but the marbles are a lucrative draw for the British.

The remaining top:
4. Sir John Soane’s Museum in London
5. American Museum of Natural History in New York
6. Imperial War Museum in London
7. The Topkapi Palace Museum in Istanbul
8. The Palace of Versailles in France
9. Victoria & Albert Museum in London
10. National Museum of China in Beijing