India Blues, Greek Surprise in Cannes

India-BluesTwo young men, a house and the different feelings they experience during the development of their relationship is the basic recipe on which the film India Blues is based. The director George Markakis that has known success in the 63rd International Berlin Film Festival, will travel to the Cannes Film Festival that will take place on May 15-26, where his film will be screened at Marché du film.

India Blues follows the development of a love story between two young men. A Greek falls madly in love with a German, a situation that even the most adventurous gay would hardly imagine in the present time. In the film it becomes clear that the conflict between the two countries is not capable of tearing apart the two lovers. Only the dead ends of love seem to affect them.

“In the film you are going to see how the relationship of the two men develops through eight feelings. Every section represents a feeling, while the relationship’s development is not presented classically –beginning, middle, end – but mixed up with different moments of the couple’s relationship,” Markakis said.

In the film, solitude is present among other feelings, as well as sexual scenes, while this may be one of the rare times that sexual gay scenes are presented to the broader public through a long film.

The day screening of India Blues in Cannes is May 22.

George Markakis was born on the island of Crete in 1974. He studied cinematography in Athens and New York. For many years, he worked on movies, advertisements and television shows as assistant director in Athens, New York and Barcelona. He has directed three short films. India Blues is his first feature film, while he is preparing to present two more full length films in the near future. For the last two years he has been living and working in Berlin.


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