Cannes Film Festival to Honor Greece

Cannes66Greece will be featured at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in Regions Capitales pour le cinema that will take place from May 15-26 as the most noted of the world’s events on movies

No Greek film has been chosen to compete in the festival but the Greek film community is getting prepared for a remarkable presence in Côte d’Azur.

The Film Commission Île de France, along with the German Media Council of Berlin-Brandenburg and the Film Commissions of Madrid and Rome-Lazio chose Greece as the special guest.

The co-ordinator of the event is Olivier-René Veillon of Île de France Film Commission, along with the Cultural Affairs Councilor of the Greek Prime Minister’s office, Dimosthenis Davetas, with the support of the Greek Film Center (GFC).

GFC President George Papalios and GFC General Director Gregory Karantinakis, along with a group of seven new producers, will travel to Cannes to participate in the meeting of May 21, for the promotion of their forthcoming works. They will meet with specially invited foreign producers and sponsors.


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