Rehn Won’t Rule Out Greek Minimum Wage Cut

119854-olli-rehn-005The European Commissioner responsible for economic issues Olli Rehn, responding to questions in the European Parliament, said it’s possible that the Greek minimum wage, already reduced to 586 euros ($761) a month could be cut again next year, although Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has vowed no more austerity measures.

Nikos Chountis, a Member of the European Parliament from Greece’s major opposition party the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) grilled Rehn over the issue and noted the first cut three years ago lowered the minimum wage to those under 25 to only 510 euros ($663) a month.

Chountis seemed not reassured by the vague response, although Rehn said it’s not known yet what the government will do because it depends on the economic situation next year. The government has been imposing austerity measures on the orders of international loses. As a European Commission, Rehn’s salary, not counting other benefits such as a lower tax rate, is 22,120 euros ($28,756) monthly.



  1. The people are already bleeding and you DARE to suggest this greater evil? What are YOU being paid?


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