Greek Community’s Elections in Brussels

images71The New Democratic Movement of Brussels (ND) , came first in the recent Greek Community’s Elections in Brussels.

The New Democratic Movement gathered 38%, i.e. 277 votes and captured 4 seats, out of the total of 11 seats.  As regards the position of the President, it will be either Dimitris Argyropoulos or Christos Blasiotis, who tied with 101 votes.

In second place, with 228 votes, came the Democratic Campaign (PASOK), while the other places were occupied by the Agonistic Coalition of Immigrants (KKE) with 112 votes, the Solidarity Initiative to People that Resist in Greece with 66 votes and the Solidarity Community (SYRIZA) with 46 votes.

The New Democratic Movement came first in the voting for the Federation of the Greek Communities in Belgium, in which 5 representatives were elected.