Germany Advised To Go Easy On Greece

1e635b73f95b7219d291c9437393e1b6_XLGerman historian and professor of Political Economy at London School of Economics Albrecht Ritschl has advised the German government not only to help Greece through its crushing economic crisis instead of backing more harsh austerity measures but be happy to do so because, “Maybe someone decides to send us back some old accounts.”

In an interview given a few months ago, which seems more relevant than ever in the wake of recent developments over the issues of the forced occupation loan, as well as the military, private and public German compensation claims, the professor points out that if Germany paid war reparations to Greece, it would go bankrupt.

Moreover, he highlights that the economic miracle of Germany was achieved thanks to former Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s government’s refusal to pay the war reparations, as provided in the London Agreement, in the event of the country’s reunification.

Ritschl said Germany should have learned from history that it was more beneficial to help Greece reduce its costs than keep squeezing.


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